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Customize with your desired extract for facial care or essental oil (EO) blend for body care. Instructions, mixing dish and mask brush wrapped up in a cute to-go package. Makes a super sweet, personalized gift or pampering beauty treat for you. Enjoy!

Botanical extracts for facial care:

* Lavender is known for its calming effect on the body. Often used in aromatherapy to help reduce headaches, anxiety, stress and promote sleep as well as aid acne, scarring and burns.
* Red Wine Grapeseed is found in every mask we make, but add an additional organic grapeseed extract booster to your mix for added anti-aging benefits and help with clarifying or problematic, breakout prone skin
* Blemish Buster is a combo of grapeseed & green tea extracts, de-toxifying rhassoul & fine facial clay and a touch of tea tree to fight and prevent acne
* Cucumber is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that soften, calm and tone stressed, sallow or tired looking skin.
* Strawberry Rich in polyphenols, alpha-hydroxy and vitamin C, strawberry protects, tones and soothes the skin.
* Sunflower is great for sun-exposed skin. Its antioxidant properties include rich polyphenols, and vitamin F, as well as being a natural sunscreen.

EO blends for body care:

* Fresh Cut Herbs ~ lavender, rosemary and mint mingle creating an uplifting yet soothing blend known for relieving headaches, clearing the mind, promoting circulation and aiding in muscle soreness.
* Surf ~ one whiff will take you to the beach… notes of fresh lime, virgin coconut and clean sweet mint. This powerful blend will help disinfect, clarify nourish and protect. A great choice for a hand and foot mask.
* Pink Grapefruit Ginger ~ pink grapefruit creates an uplifting effect
and helps to ease fatigued muscles. It also purifies congested, oily skin. Ginger, known in ancient times as an aphrodisiac, warms the senses and soothes the soul!
* Sunshine Day ~ sweet, juicy orange and comforting vanilla intertwine creating a nourishing blend great for evening skin tone, scars, stretch marks as well as melting stress away.

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Botanical extracts for facial care

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EO blends for body care

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